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Do something, show-stopping.

Interviewing at Intel

Looking for a job can be both exciting and overwhelming. To make it a little easier, we’re sharing some of our best tips and tricks with you! Prepare to wow your interviewer using the resources, questions, links, and more we’ll provide here!


Knowledge is Key

Research much as you can about Intel and the area you are interested in.  We know you’re short on time – below are some tips to help you get started:

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Use and other sources to find out what challenges we are facing and what opportunities we are pursuing.

Separate Yourself

Prepare well so you can provide examples of how your experience makes you uniquely qualified to help solve Intel’s challenges. And don’t miss the chance to show your personality, quick-thinking, and communication style.

Why You’re an Asset

Demonstrate your understanding of technology and articulate how your skills, knowledge, experience, and passion can be assets in this role.


Prepare at least 3 - 5 questions to ask your interviewer about the role, the company, and our culture – whatever is top-of-mind for you.

Craft Your Story

Tell Me About Yourself

Such a simple statement. Think of it as your personal “elevator pitch” and briefly articulate why you are the most qualified candidate as it relates to the role. 

*Tip: Highlight how your experience ties to the company mission now or in the future.

Try doing this in 3 simple steps

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Begin with your Present. Provide a brief overview of where you are now.


Highlight your Past. Reference what classroom or work experiences led you to where you are now.


Think about your Future. Touch on a goal for yourself in this role.


Practice your answer out loud, to ensure timing. It’s best to keep your response between 2 and 5 minutes, focusing on your experience and how it aligns with Intel.

Compelling Stories

STAR Method

While it can take some practice, we recommend using the STAR method to answer interview questions. This technique enables you to answer tough work-related questions in a subtle, compelling, and powerful manner. 

The STAR Method is:

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“S” – Situation 

Describe the background.  Set the scene for your interviewers.

“T” – Task or Target

Outline the specifics of what was required – along with the when, where, and who.

“A” – Action

What you did, skills used, behaviors, and characteristics to solve a problem or achieve a result.

“R” – Result

    Define the outcome. What happened? What was learned, gained, or changed as a result?

    Practice Questions


    Whether you’re looking for your first internship or about to graduate – the STAR method will help you prepare for your big day!

    Use practice questions to craft 3-5 STAR stories in advance.  Preparing examples ahead of time will help you frame your achievements and assist with memory during your interview. 

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    Sample Question 1 –

    Describe a time when you treated someone at school, work, or at a prior internship in a way that clearly demonstrated respect.

    Sample Question 2 – 

    When did you last coordinate your work with others in a team project? What was your most successful contribution?

    Sample Question 3 – 

    It is sometimes more effective to learn from others than to try to solve it in isolation. Share a problem-solving experience in which you applied lessons you learned from others who encountered similar problems or challenges.

    Sample Question 4 – 

    Which areas do you think you are strongest in? Accuracy or speed? Please explain with an example based on your experience.

    Practice Questions


    You’re experienced and know how to prepare.  Deliver subtle, compelling, and powerful responses in your interview with the STAR method.

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    Sample Question 1 – 

    Tell me about a time when you had to gather data and diagnose the causes of a problem before acting. How did you identify what data were needed and how did you obtain the data or information?

    Sample Question 2 – 

    Describe a situation in which you independently improved upon the quality of your processes, products, or services — either in school, work, and/or prior internships. How did you recognize the need for improvement in the first place?

    Sample Question 3 – 

    How have you handled sensitive information in the past? What strategies have you used to maintain confidentiality?

    Sample Question 4 –

    Describe a time when you anticipated problems and developed contingency plans to deal with those problems.

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